Brexit: Democracy, Markets and the Regions

DELI/LGJD Insta-Symposium

Natasa Mavronicola – What Are the Implications of the Brexit Vote for Human Rights? – 28/07/2016

Rachel Davies – Could Germany Offer Young Brits A Life-Vest of EU Citizenship Post-Brexit? – 25/07/2016

Alan Greene – Brexit: The People have spoken…but who asked them in the first place? – 20/07/2016

Chris Hilson – The EU Referendum: Brexit, Solidarity and Identity – 18/07/2016

Máiréad Enright – Travel to England as the Safety Valve on Ireland’s Abortion Regime – Difficulties After Brexit – 14/ 07/2016

Sylvia de Mars, Colin Murray, Aoife O’Donoghue & Ben Warwick – Brexit-ing Northern Ireland: The Challenges Ahead – 11/07/2016

Andrés Delgado Casteleiro – Taking Back Control Over Trade Policy: Art 50 TEU and the Repatriation of Trade Powers – 06/07/2016