About Us

The Blog of the Durham European Law Institute, a research centre within Durham Law School, Durham University, was established in 2013 in order to promote topical cutting-edge EU law scholarship.  The founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Blog was Mr Oliver Bartlett until September 2015.

The following members of the Institute make up the Editorial team of the Blog during the academic year 2015/16:


Ms Eszter Harsányi-Bélteki

Section Editors:

Case Comment – Ms Naomi Lawson
Legislative Comment – Ms Kata Szeidovitz
EU Current Affairs – Ms Louise Oftedal
Reform of EU Law – Ms Rachel Davies
Section to be launched soon – Ms Nadine Tollefsen
Section to be launched soon – Mr Christian Bentley

News Analysts:

Ms Julia Bowley
Ms Veneta Chavdarova
Ms Louisa Kerchner
Mr Thomas Roberts
Mr Jean-Sébastien Rombouts
Mr Alexander Verbist