DELI LLB-LLM Student Conference – Current Issues in EU Law: From Economic Integration to Social Integration – 19/03/14

On the 19th of March 2014, DELI held the first LLM and LLB Students Conference, entitled as ‘Current Issues in EU Law: From Economic Integration to Social Integration’. This conference carries a paramount importance for the Institute, given that it started as an initiative from the LLM and the 3rd year student representatives of DELI. The conference was divided into 3 sessions: ‘Economic-Social Rights’, ‘Economic Integration’ and ‘Competition’.

Professor Rita de la Feria, one of the panel chairs in the conference, stressed that for their dissertations, the Durham students chose recent topics that are heavily discussed among academics and, praised them for their deep knowledge and specific views on their subjects. While the students referred to the recent issues related to the fiscal compact and the competition in sports broadcasting, the general themes that dominate the discussions around EU law, such as the status of Union citizenship and the conflict between solidarity and enlargement, repeatedly come up in the presentations.

The panel chairs and co-directors of DELI, Professor Rita de la Feria and Dr Anca Chirita, provided feedback on each presentation and each scholar who participated in the conference made an effort to provide different angles on the issues that were introduced. Moreover, there was an atmosphere of constructive debate regarding the recent CJEU cases. This proved to be the most useful for the students who seized a chance to observe the academic discussions related to the EU law modules that they have been taking.

This conference set a precedent for other student representatives who are willing to organise the conference in the next years. As DELI, we would like to congratulate all of the students who presented, the PGR co-directors of DELI who assisted student representatives in the event organization, and thank everyone who participated in the conference.

Ipek Akay

Student Representative at DELI


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